Committed to providing customers with below items in China

Always recommend right suppliers

Authentic audit suppliers

Attentive check quality files

Agile follow up and expedite dispatch schedule

Authentic witness quality inspection and the production process 

Others that you need;

We have audited 100+ suppliers and 12 years experience.

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Recommend right supplier

We will recommend the right supplier for you from 1000+ suppliers.

These suppliers are coverd: Special、alloy material forgings、castings,Machining

All kinds of parts  for Ball、Gate、Globe、Butterfly Valve etc.

Audit supplier

We have 10+ years of supplier audit experience and have audited 100+ suppliers of casting 、forging 、machining etc. factory for Ball 、Gate、Globe、Butterfly Valve parts;

According to ISO9001:2015 and Customer requirements;

Witness inspection process 

Check quality file

We know quality thats last!

We are professional for you witness suppliers inspection process and double check quality files,Sincere never cheat!

Follow up

Expedite dispatch date

We can help you get rid of the trouble of the supplier's delay, and help the supplier reasonably arrange the plan and improve the efficiency to meet your delivery needs.